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Spark of Hope Foundation Initiatives

1. “Amiga” – An 8 week sewing course to teach women to sew and to market the products they sew.  At the end of each course, women who pass a proficiency test are given their sewing machine, material, and tools to start their own business.

2. “Jefe” – An 8 week welding course to teach men to weld and to market their services and find jobs.  At the end of each course, men who pass a proficiency test are given their welders and tools to start working immediately.

3. “Casa Hogar” (Orphanage) – A home for abandoned children.  Spark of Hope Foundation helps to provide children with more than simply food and shelter.  Children need to be equipped with the things they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

4. “Service Trips” – Building homes for the poorest of the poor in Mexico.  We are increasing the number of trips we will be taking each year and the number of people who can come on each trip.


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